Collection: Zodiac Goddess

Welcome to our Zodiac Goddess Collection

Aries… 21st March- 19th April

Taurus… 20 April- 20 May

Gemini… 21 May- 20th June

Cancer… 21st June- 22nd July

Leo…23rd July- 22nd August 

Virgo… 23rd August- 22nd September 

Libra… 23rd September- 22nd October

Scorpio… 23rd October- 21st November

Sagittarius… 22nd November- 21st December

Capricorn… 22nd December- 19th January

Aquarius… 20th January- 18th February 

Pisces… 19th February- 20th March

These frames can be personalised.  We can print your name and date of birth on the image. Please include this in the notes section of the checkout page. (Please see the Capricorn image attached as an example) 

Frame measures approximately 24cm wide and 29cm in height.


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12 products