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House of Knots and Blooms

Affirmations- Rules To Live By

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Rules To Live By

REAL dried and pressed flowers, assembled between two pieces of glass..

No frames are ever quite the same. You will have a one of a kind, unique piece of art!

Your home should be filled with beautiful treasures to bring joy, happiness and beauty. When the world at times can seem a little too much, you know you can  always return home to your beautiful sanctuary.

Rules To Live By
Have a grateful heart
Do the hard things
Listen more. Tall less
Smile often
Enjoy the little things
Don't judge others
Count your blessings,. not your troubles
Trust your gut instinct
Never compare yourself to others
Don't wait- Start now
Never stop learing
Try new things
Go after what you want
Decide to love and accept yourself always
Don't say yes when you want to say no
Never settle for less than you deserve
Know your voice is worthy to be heard
Make time for fun
Remember you are loved

Frame measures approximately 24cm wide and 29cm in height.

If you select ‘choose own flower colours’, please write your chosen flower colours in the notes section.


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